good2grow is a healthy beverage brand for young children. But parents didn’t always see it that way. Before changing their name, each beverage size had a different brand name and while kids loved the concept of the cartoon character tops, the rest of the packaging communicated to parents sugary candy rather than the natural ingredients it actually contained. 
All beverages were consolidated underneath the good2grow name, which is a healthy and positive affirmation in itself. A new logo and packaging concept was proposed to counterbalance the cartoon topper and communicate to parents the healthy benefits of the content inside. A fresh wordmark was created with a vibrant leafy “2” emphasizing the leaf that adorns the top of the natural fruits and vegetables used in good2grow products. Instead of using illustration on the packaging as before, a literal photographic approach was taken to show the actual natural contents of the beverages as well as make it easier for non-english speaking customers to identify products. Green bottle caps were also proposed to be made standard on all lines to carry over the all natural brand green from the "2" in the logo.
Duties included: Strategy, Concepting, Art Direction, Design
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