Sqwincher is an hydration solution brand with an odd name with a long history that most aren’t aware of. It was created in the 70’s around the same time as Gatorade but over the years decided to pursue industrial channels instead of consumer in order to better compete in the marketplace. Sqwincher wanted to expand into other markets and thought a Rebrand would help that effort. The whimsical logo and packaging of their current product lacked a certain sophistication to gain credibility with certain industries they were targeting, such as healthcare. 
Sqwincher wanted to maintain some of the legacy of the old logo, so the “hydration burst” was required to be kept. The name Sqwincher came from the founder’s grandfather, who in his own southern way, would run the words “thirst” and “quencher” together.  Because of this, the burst was moved between the “S” and the “Q” to mimic an apostrophe to pay homage to the history of the quirky name. To counterbalance, a contemporary wordmark was also created to add desired sophistication. A new packaging concept was then created to follow up on the hydration burst concept with the burst changing color depending on the flavor of the beverage or product. Because Sqwincher was not sold in stores, the hierarchy was changed on the packaging so the type of product was emphasized more than brand name for quick reference.
Duties included: Strategy, Concepting, Art Direction, Design

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